Appriciate little things in life for happiness .


billion dollars , fame , luxurius life etc are definetly not the only things that can bring happiness in our lives , You can be the most happiest person in the world even with having few pennies in your pocket , sitting under the tree singing your favourite song , staring the blue sky enjoying the breeze , or playing with little kids and eating snacks from a local and cheap food corner , you can be the happiest person even if you do not get 90 percent marks in your exams but you are happy with your 60 percent marks and you are celebrating it .

you can be the most unhappy person in the world despite having lots of money , fame , luxurios life , happiness dosent needs such things , it lies in soul if you learn to appericiate little things in your life , you even appericiate two bites of food you can afford that will be enough for you and than happiness is all yours . appericiate what life give you instead of crying over what should be given to you .


it’s okay to show anger , it’s okay to shout , it’s perfectly fine to get mad . just like we expell out waste material from our boby and that excretion makes our body free from harmfull nitrogeneous wastes same thing expelling anger does , it provide some sort of relief to our body . BUT it has some extent we should show anger only when it needs .

but some people are like always mad always shouting on other so that is definitely not okay . it has deep psychological connections . different psychological thoughts explain it differently , one of the most accepted psychological school of thought (psychodynamics) says that “A PERSON’S BEHAVIOUR IN PRESENT IS BASED OF HIS EARLY CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCE”

there was a psychologist who study about hitlor’s behaviour , who was the most tough guy , he came to know that in early childhood his father was sick and weak he used to physically abuse hitlor , he was drop out from college and rejected from art school , all that bad factors made him enraged , all his mind , his soul , his body was all filled up with anger and he want to take revenge and all that made him a really angry person who never or once in a blue moon smiles , who has nothing to do with sensitive emotions .

it also happens when some parents used to beat their kids or when parents used to fight with eachother , or the husband beats his wife than they are actually destroying their kids personalities . they left everlasting image of their behavious on thier mind and those kids when grow young they do the same , they develop anger in them they became pewish .and they behave the same way fight with their partners , beat them and show rude behaviour to everyone . so it’s better not to show such behaviour to your kids ,treat them with love , spread love around them so that they do the same .


We Humans are the most difficult yet beautifull creature . we were not born flawless because that is what makes us “human ” But we strive to death to become flawless that is not “possible ” .

Instead of embracing flaws we try to wear a mask over our real beauty , for the sake of being called flawless ..

some people literalley hate themselves for being short , some hate themselves for not having perfect glowing fair skin some people are not happy because they don’t have perfectly shaped nose , perfectly shaped body .. some don’t like the way they sound . inshort we are all hating overselves somewhere just to fulfill so called beauty standards . some people face inferority complex and under go surgeries after surgeries and surgeries never satisfies them .they starve for more, because of that inferority complex their body takes a defence mechanism that is superiority complex and that actually destroys their personality . we should instead work on our personality beacuse beauty fades it is just so temporary what stays is Personality . Beauty attracts eyes but personality caputers heart . Feel confident of what you are how you look how you sound , we all are unique in our own way .. FEEL FLAWLESS EVEN WITH YOUR FLAWS DO NOT TRY TO HIDE YOUR FLAWS OR HIDE YOUR SELF JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE FLAWS ..

*Excercise will keep you young and beautifull *

Are You feeling low? do excercise , feeling sad? do some excercise , afraid of getting old? . worried about dull skin ? heyy just do some excercise . and all problems solved…

  • Excercising keeps you look fresh and young
  • It also turnsoff the aging process in your chromosomes .
  • when you excercise more happy hormones .release and you feel good .
  • when you excercise you feel active and than there are more chances of success in whatever you do .
  • It helps muscles and tissues making your skin more elastic and flawless.


Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from outer layer of skin .These dead cells must be removed for glowing skin , if not removed they will cogulate under the skin , becteria will start growing causing little bumps or pimples over your face .. so in order to prevent bumps and pimples exfoliation is so nesessary .


you can use gycolic acid containg produts or scrubs for exfoliation but homemade exfoliators are way more beneficial and are less costly .

Sugar body scrub , salt body scrub , Almond scrub , Tea tree oil exfoliating scrub , oatmeal scrub , cofee scrub , greentea scrub , they also can exfoliate your skin making skin more soft , pimple free, bumps free and glowing


We all are created beautifull , vitamins keeps that beauty stay . they are worth adding in to your daily skin care products .


IT is also an anti-oxident , anti-oxidents decrese the production of free radicals as a result damage to skin is prevented . They aslo prevent wrinkles , if you feel irritation by applying Vitamin A product than stop using it , it is present in beef , eggs, carrot etc . take a trial if it suits your skin than you can add vitamin A in you daily skin care routine ๐Ÿ™‚


It is the most benefical Vitamin for your skin making you tone lighter , treat your acne , treat gums bleeding , remove dead skin cells , it is just like all in one you can definitely add vitamin C on your skin care products list . it is present in oranges , lemon , tomatoes , strawberries etc and also in the form of chewing tablets , you can use Vitamin C serum too ๐Ÿ™‚


This miracle vitamin increses the elasticity of your skin , vanishes dark circles , brown spots from skin , treat acne , mosturizes skin . you can use it along with aelovera gell and other ingredients in the form of mask for instant glow . it is mostly present in nuts you can get vitamin E oil , serum and capsules from any cosmetic or drug store .


It treats dull skin , tanning , dark circles , dark patches over face and acne . to get rid of these problems eat cabbage and drink milk because they are rich rourse of vitamin K..

*Tips To Detoxify Body *

various junk food , fast food , and unhealthy habits can detoxify your body .

here are few tips by which you can detoxify your body :

1๏ผ‰ drink excess water , it will cause high level of urination and more nitrogeous waste will excrete out of your body making body detox

2๏ผ‰Take a glass of water and add piece of cucumber , piece of lemon and mint in to it , leave it over night and drink in the morning . it will make your skin flaw less and detoxify your body

3๏ผ‰ add honey to water and drink it , it will clean your stomach .

4๏ผ‰Eat mellon and watermellon it will fulfill your water requirment and also help against burning and detoxify your body .

5๏ผ‰ Add organic sugar and lemon in water it will help overcome dehydration and prevent burning

6๏ผ‰ Avoid using white sugar (granulated sugar) it is just like a poison .


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